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Our Vision


1. The first of it's kind marine sciences major in the country; a marine science major in Coastal Environment; aiming to build qualified generations in a new field at the national level, which will be part of the development process taking place in Jordan in various fields of science. 2. The Science of coastal environment is one important scientific fields in the contemporary world, which has become a key area with a direct relationship to marine resources, national economy, food and human consumption, and what impact those resources in that environment. 3. Scientific knowledge of the coastal environment and the resources it provides. Along with an applied approach to tools and methods to study, protect, and manage coastal environment. 4. Opportunities for regional and global cooperation and interaction in the field of education and scientific research through joint programs, which contribute to the ongoing construction and development in Jordan. 5. Graduate student cohort qualified and capable in specialization required in the local and regional job market, and thus be a prelude to creating jobs for new graduates.




Coastal environment


Coastal environment






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