Department Strategy
3/13/2012 3:42 PM
Our Mission
The department was established to study various aspects of marine organisms including the structure, physiology and taxonomy as well as its interaction with abiotic environmental components. This department was actually established to complement one major aim; to afford both the theoretical and practical scientific knowledge about the marine organisms in an ample manner. This has been achieved by good talented faculty members and staff as well as offering teaching plans of international standards in well known universities worldwide. The department is keen to provide labor markets with skillful and highly talented graduates.
4/30/2012 8:41 AM
Our Vision
• Unique specialty on national level to provide highly motivated graduates in marine biology as one discipline among others that are essential for the development of Jordan• Offering applied marine sciences in the field and laboratories. Enhance knowledge that can help in best management of marine bio resources for sustainability • It offers opportunities for international and regional exchange in the teaching process and research in the field of marine sciences. • Provide labor market with skillful manpower able to undertake and lead the development process on national and international levels
6/6/2012 1:20 PM
Our Objectives
Department of marine biology will work to achieve the following objective: Enrich knowledge to undergraduates and graduate students about the marine organisms in general; fish communities; fishery resources management and techniques for stock assessment estimation; benthos and the its relation with nekton and plankton; coral reef ecosystems; phyto and zooplankton; mariculture of fish and shell fish with all related knowledge; marine microbiology; molecular marine biology to serve biodiversity for utilization and management; biotechnology in marine organisms for efficient utilization of marine bio resources. In addition, the department of marine biology will focus on training of students for skilled professions in the field. The Department also offers bachelor degree in Biological Sciences. This program was established in order to supply the society with trained graduates for teaching in high schools and to meet the ever pressing need for technical personnel in biological analysis, particularly in medical laboratories.

School of Basic and Marine Sciences
Department of Marine Biology


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