The School of Basic and Marine Sciences organizes a scientific exhibition within the course of Health Culture


​His Excellency, the President of the University of Jordan, Aqaba Branch, Prof. Dr. Ghaleb Abbasi, sponsored, on Wednesday, 5/24/2023, the scientific exhibition in the form of student initiatives within the course of health culture, which was organized by the School of Basic and Marine Sciences at the university under the supervision and coordination of Dr. Majduleen Sbaihat, where students of the health culture course presented A group of student initiatives that dealt with scientific topics within the course and included (smoking, drugs, healthy food, mental health, obesity, addiction to electronic games, vitamins, pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases), where students were distributed into groups of majors And different levels of study for the work of these initiatives because the course is one of the free subjects that are taught at the university for all students. The importance of organizing such student initiatives is to spread awareness and educate university students on various scientific and health topics, in addition to integrating students from different academic levels, promoting teamwork, encouraging cooperation and exchanging information and scientific knowledge among students. The Scientific Exhibition for Initiatives was attended by the Assistant President of the University, the Dean of the School of Basic and Marine Sciences, the Head of the Common Departments in the School, a number of faculty members, and a large crowd of university students. ​

School of Basic and Marine Sciences
Department of Coastal environment


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