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The establishment of The University of Jordan branch in Aqaba comes as a direct translation of His Majesty King Abdullah II`s vision for the future of the Aqaba region, which is the first and foremost national strategic and economic project directly supported by His Majesty who laid the cornerstone for The University of Jordan (UJ)- Aqaba Branch on April 30, 2009. The UJ-Aqaba Branch started teaching in a record time, at the start of the academic year 2009/2010 in September. The Faculty of Marine Sciences (FMSC) was one of faculties established at the first stage of the project .
The FMSC is located in the main campus, which helps the interaction of Aqaba the faculty and students with other faculties, departments, and governmental institutions and private companies. The close proximity of the campus to King Hussein International Airport helps and facilitates the movement of researchers, scientists and academic staff of the branch.
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