Scientific Day of the Faculty of Marine Sciences (2018-2019)


​On Wednesday, 17/4/2019, the Faculty of Marine Sciences organized a scientific day for the academic year 2018/2019 under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Musa Al-Lozi. The assistant of the President, Prof. Dr. Marouf Khalaf, was assigned to attend this event. The scientific day opened by the reading of verses from the Holy Quran. Prof. Dr. Marouf Khalaf, Dean of the Faculty of Marine Sciences, delivered a speech followed by a speech by the Head of both Coastal Environment and Marine Biology Departments, Dr. Zeinab Arabeyyat. Then a presentation about the Faculty during the academic year 2018/2019 was showed, included: academic and administrative staff members as well as students, laboratories (teaching and research) in the marine science station and finally some activities happened during that period (prepared by Eman Al-Absi). Then the external speakers gave many oral talks as following
​​- D​ealing with Difficult People - Dr. Nidal Majali (Ayla Oasis)
- Genetically modified foods (GMO) are good for human health - Group of students of Biology
- A Talk: "Safety/Risk Assessment of GMO" - Dr. Abdulmajeed Al-Ajlouni (Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority - Aqaba International Laboratories Bin Hayyan)
- Talk:"Hepatitis" - Dr. Zaid Al-Sudi 
The day was ended with a story of success from a graduate student from the Faculty of Marine Sciences "Muntaser Al-Mansi", where he described his success in studying his PhD at a university in France. ​
Besides the lectures, many students from biology department and the campus were widely participated in presenting various subjects and issues in our daily life such as drugs, junk food meals, diabetes, recycling of household waste, soap industry. Moreover, many scientific experiments were applied during that day. 

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