Faculty of Marine Sciences will strive to produce outstanding internationally accredited graduates in the fields of marine sciences/oceanography with capabilities of learning and research, and are capable of building international collaborations, to contribute to the enrichment of education, socioeconomics, environment and resources of the country with special reference to marine resources and environments.

Once you have successfully completed your B.Sc. in DMB and DCE, the number of jobs in marine sciences is increasing steadily due to economic, social and legislative factors.
Marine science graduates find employment in a wide range of areas. You might like to consider careers in:

  Environmental assessment
  Aquaculture and fisheries research  establishments and private industry firms
  Marine  protection and conservation institutions and projects
  Marine biotechnology
  Universities: Instructors, lab technicians or lab supervisors.
  Research organizations
  Ministry of  Environment
  Government agencies 
  Environmental consultancy
  Education and teaching. 
  City and regional councils.
  NGOs of environmental protection, education, awareness, and outreach..
  Marine and coastal management.
  Institutes of maritime technology.
  Positions in the industrial sector.
  Students graduating with a B.Sc. degree with a major in marine biology or coastal environment are well placed  to study further at the postgraduate level  .