Biological SciencesBiological Sciences3
It honors me to welcome and encourage you to join the department of marine biology at the faculty of marine sciences in Aqaba. The department is one of the first academic centers in these disciplines in the country. A team of talented teachers, trained in different areas of marine biology constitute the department of marine biology. Our department has all the essential infrastructure for teaching, training and research in the basic and applied frontiers of these disciplines. The facilities include a well-maintained laboratories and highly sophisticated analytical equipments.
The present condition of having low student-to-professor ratio provides undergraduate with unique opportunities to participate in world-class topics targeting a variety of marine related concerns. The department consists of 5 full time professors whose research interests include molecular biology, taxonomy, physiology, aquaculture and ecology of marine flora and fauna. Students are receiving extensive exposure and invaluable training in the conservation and management of Aqaba Gulf ecosystems through intensive field work in coral reefs, seagrass meadows, rocky intertidal zones and coastal waters. It is expected therefore that graduates find employment with country agencies, private industries, environmental consulting firms, biomedical laboratories and secondary school systems. Many graduates will be able to enter professional schools in veterinary medicine and environmental law while others undertake postgraduate studies in the biological and ecological sciences.

The department of mathematics is one of the basic and major departments in the faculties of sciences at the universities; that is because of the importance of mathematics in all fields such as science, engineering, medical sciences and others.  In line with the vision and mission of The University of Jordan to keep pace with scientific developments and in the belief in the integration of all sciences, the Department of Mathematics was firstly establishedunder the umbrella of School of Science at The University of Jordanin Amman in the year 1965, whichawards now Bachelor’s, Master and Ph.D degrees in mathematics. Proceeding fromthe vision and mission of the university, the Department of Mathematics was established in The University of Jordan, Aqaba Branch in the year 2020, which awards Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. The student’s study plan was prepared to include a wide variety of knowledge in mathematics such as pure mathematics, applied mathematics, financial mathematics, statistics and probability tokeep up with all developments in mathematics, technology and applications in basic, marine, computer sciences and engineering.
The Department of Mathematicscurrently has (4) faculty members.All of them are Ph.D holders and specialized in mathematics. They have a high level of responsibility to provide a high quality of education and counselling for students through lectures or office hours along the week, or through modern contacting media.
It is worth mentioning that most of graduates can find job opportunities whether in school education or continue their graduate studies in local, regional, or international universities.
It honors me to welcome and encourage you to join the department of Mathematics at the School of Basic and Marine Sciences in Aqaba. The department is one of the academic centers in these disciplines in the country. Our department has the entire essential infrastructure for teaching, training and scientific research.